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Roof & Exterior Cleaning

Integrity is a local, family & veteran owned exterior cleaning company. We have been business owners for 20 years. We strive to offer our customers a combination of quality, professionalism and fair pricing. Our guiding principles are integrity, honesty and courtesy.
Integrity has an impeccable reputation in regards to customer satisfaction. We are a business that stands behind all of our work and will work diligently to do everything up to our professional standards and your satisfaction.

What We Do

At Integrity Roof & Exterior Cleaning, we want to offer the most effective cleaning method to our customers. While we do offer pressure washing services, we utilize our soft wash cleaning method (low-pressure) whenever possible because of its multiple benefits. Pressure washing initially appears to be effective, but our soft wash method lasts four to six times longer than traditional pressure washing. To put it simply, pressure washing essentially gives mold and mildew a “hair-cut”, while soft washing kills mold and mildew at the root.


How do we clean with low-pressure?

While traditional pressure washing is still used for most concrete work, soft washing (low-pressure) is a much more effective cleaning method. We use cleaning agents that penetrate porous surfaces to kill mold and mildew spores, inhibiting re-growth. This allows surfaces to stay cleaner longer.

Do you protect surrounding landscaping?

We pre-water roots and foliage before, during and after cleaning. We will cover plants if necessary.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes we do! We will inspect your property, answer all of your questions and submit an estimate in writing. You can expect a clean-cut professional, who will greet you with courtesy and respect.


• Soft washing requires 40-70 psi (pounds per square inch) which eliminates the risk of damage from high pressure machines which produce as much as 5000 Psi.
• The black areas staining your roof are actually live algae and bacteria feeding, growing and spreading. These algae (Gloeocapsa magma) can damage your roof sooner than you think.
• The Asphalt Roof Manufacturing Association (ARMA) states that soft washing is the only approved method of cleaning asphalt shingle roofs. The soft washing method will not void your roof warranty.